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GATORGUARD Comics was founded over 10 years ago, to create a quality product to fill a specific void in the comic and art collectible industry.
The Team (aka the Nashvillains) saw a need for a rigid, crystal clear case to display and protect comic books and art collections.

First, the right material had to be found. The material had to provide UV protection, be crystal clear, and rigid enough to prevent bending or flexing. After sampling multiple materials, the proper acrylic was found.

Next, the fun part!  Finalizing a design with a sleek minimalistic appearance free of labels to truly showcase the book. 

The final touch was adding custom options for holding the two parts together. Customers can choose from a wide variety of different colored fasteners to match their books or categorize their collection. 

We started with modern cases.  As demand grew, we found the need to offer silver age and annual size cases. The cases are approximately 1 pound of high quality UV protecting acrylic that allows collectors, artists, and fans the ability to display their books or art with confidence and customizable style.

Try the Amazing Case, and keep an eye out for new sizes and products.


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